This page provides links to resources (more to be added) related to Brain Cancer, which is what my late husband died from. He specifically died from GBM (Glioblastoma Multiforme) brain cancer. As I reflect on his last years of life, I think the signs and symptoms were there, but he was so strong and not […]



What people are saying!   “Dawj is a strategic influencer in her community and the city of Chicago. People look to her for leadership, wisdom, direction and spiritual insight. She is directed, courageous and passionate. She does not falter in the face of challenges. She is an advocate for women from all walks of life […]


This page is dedicated to the memory of my hubby, James Sangster, his photography, some of our relationship stories, and brain cancer awareness as we traveled our journey! My prayer is that others, especially women, will be encouraged in their marriages, grief, healing and care giving. Check periodically for updates.    EVENTS              PICTURES                  RESOURCES                […]