Problems in Marriage?…Get er Done!

Sometimes, we are faced with situations in our marriages that try to break our spirit, soul and even our bodies. How do you handle those situations? Do you give in to the enemy or do you put on your whole armor and FIGHT?! Not fight physically, but fight spiritually with the enemy. The bible tells […]



What’s YOUR Choice Today?

I learned long ago to stop asking God WHY he instructs me to do a certain thing and to just be obedient. “Obedience is so much better than sacrifice” I Samuel 15:22. People won’t always like your choices, support your choices, support you while you go through your choices, or even pray for God’s blessings […]


People Are Just Too Nosy!

I have learned that oftentimes, people don’t know exactly what you go through or have gone through to get to where you are or exactly how you made it through, they just see the outcome. Trust and believe that it isn’t always a part of God’s plan for people to know exactly what or how […]

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