Dawgelene to co-host WVON 1690 radio show with Matt McGill

  I had a radio show that I produced and hosted for a couple of years called Royal Snippets. It was a short radio show (less that 30 minutes) that focused on empowerment, inspiration and promoting the works of others. Life got in the way and I stopped producing and hosting the show, but I […]



Godzilla’s Roar!

I took some family time this week and went to the screening of Godzilla with my teenage niece Rachel. I had not spent time with her in a while and she is just growing up so fast. We ate, laughed, joked and she even spit some of the “dopest” (not sure if that’s a word […]

Don’t Hate…Support!

We all go through trials and challenges in life that test us, but what God has for YOU and for ME is for each of us individually. Our gifts, talents, passions, works and efforts will pay off in God’s timing, and will surely make room for us as individuals and collectively, if necessary. When you […]



Shining through the dark

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