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Enduring Your Tempestas (storms)

I learned a word from my son called, Tempesta. Tempesta means "storm" in Italian. Reflecting on this word, I began to think about the different storms of life that we  encounter. We all have to deal with them in one form or another, whether its a storm of grief, depression, hurt, anxiety, fear, career loss, financial loss or just situations that we consider to be storms in our lives.

But just like we have tools of umbrellas, rain boots and rain coats, etc for earthly storms, we also have "life" tools and resources to help us deal with the other storms, and increase our endurance until the sun shines in our life again.

Your tools or resources could be friends, family, faith, religion, running, singing, dancing or whatever you feel is useful for helping you endure your Tempestas. Whatever the tools are, they are perfectly designed for you. Others may not understand how your choice of tools soothe you, but it isn't always meant for others to understand what works for you. What is critically important is that you utilize the tools you have at your disposal, to help strengthen you while you move through the storm, until the sun shines in your life again.

On this week, be thankful for every TEMPESTA that you made it through, the strength you gained while going through it, and the resources you had at your disposal to make it through. If your sun isn't shining yet, be patient because it WILL!  If it is shining, ROCK those shades and get a mental tan!



How Do You Interact with Others? 2

I love people and interacting with them on a daily basis. Sometimes my interactions are intentional encounters and other times, well, they are just by chance. When I interact with people doing their daily jobs, I often wonder what life would be like if I traded places with them. Even if I would never really work the job they are doing, I like to put myself in their shoes and just imagine.

I remember an  encounter with a young lady at Home Depot a few years ago.  She seemed very frustrated this particular day. I usually try to positively encourage individuals when I notice negative emotional attitudes, because sometimes our kind words or even our smiles can uplift their spirits.  I guess my profession in business psychology, coaching, education and ministry goes to work in situations like this.

As I smiled at her and asked if she was Ok, she responded in a upbeat attitude to me.  While she was dealing with some things at home and work, she said she continued to press forward because she had children that depended on her for support, and because she wanted a better education for herself. I was truly inspired by her strength and courage to endure obstacles and focus on the goals she had set. I told her how proud I was of her for pressing forward and for sharing her story with me. I told her that she could make it and to keep her focus, write down her vision for her dream future, and then work a plan to make it happen. I then paid for my items, hugged her, and wished blessings upon her. As I walked away, she thanked me for making her day and smiled with relief.  It was part of what I do, so I really didn't think much about it after that day.

last year, I was at a Chicago Foundation for Women conference, and lady approached me with a beaming smile on her face. She said that she was the lady I had met in Home Depot a few years earlier. She remembered me because she said that I had inspired her to move forward with finishing her degree, finding a better job, and moving to a new environment with her children. She said that she left the store that day with a new attitude towards positive change in her life, because of the words I spoke into her life that day.

Now I don't take full credit for that beautiful end story, because she had to do something on her own. However, I did not hesitate to do my part in helping to inspire her.  Have you ever encountered situations where you had to deal with daily challenges, but because you had a plan and goals in mind, you kept pressing forward?  There may have even been times where you needed some encouragement, in which you received it, and continued pressing forward with a faster step.  Do you help others when you see them discouraged? A kind word or smile really doesn't take much effort on your end, if you position in your heart to help others. What will you do to live the change you wish to see?

Be encouraged in your daily walk because you will win in the end!!!

Be Blessed!!

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