Daily Archives: December 30, 2012

REFLECTION 12-30-2012

SCREAMING, “ARRRGGGHHHH”! It is just one of those days where my mind is planning a gazillion things and I wish King James was here to just listen and provide instructions from a spiritual and natural perspective, like he always did as the King. I have a solid spiritual foundation and I am thankful that God and my hubby trained me spiritually as a runner would be trained for a marathon naturally. Yes, King James was a walking bible and man of God that I was so blessed to have. So while I am equipped with all the spiritual tools I need to travel this journey alone in the natural, it doesn’t mean that I don’t get spiritual “running cramps, sore,” or just have those days where I need to scream, cry, hug my pillow and just be alone with God, like today because my heart aches from the absence of my hubby and his kingship!

James always believed that I had the spiritual and mental strength of an army of angels and he believed I could conquer anything. I do and can! I just wish the King was here leading me and cheering me on with his wisdom and inspiration. Simply put, King James wore the pants and commanded our throne with no fear!

Please keep lifting me up in prayer and know that I feel your prayers, love and thoughts from afar. I love you more than you know!!!

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