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Happy Birthday Sister! 1

Happy Birthday Sister


Today marks what would have been the 51st birthday of my dear sister that passed away last summer, June 24th. My girl Tonya was a sight to behold and such a joy. Our connection was special because our birthdays were 5 days apart (mine Feb 3rd and hers the 8th), we always enjoyed extra cake and ice cream. Growing up helping to take care of her because she was a special needs child, we enjoyed many days and nights playing games in the room we shared and in our bunk beds. I can recall her poking the mattress while I slept on top, and me dropping balls of tissue in her face as she slept on the bottom. I remember the Elmer’s glue fingernails I used to make on the windowsill that she would peel off and pretend she didn’t do it. We had so much fun together and I will never forget her favorite color of Red, that she loved hotdogs and cold soda, and that she loved dolls.


Yes she was a special need child and she was amazing. Anyone that has children, relatives, friends, or siblings that have special needs know that it requires a lot of work, love and patience, but it is so worth it. Of all of my siblings (all much older than I am), her and my brother that died in 1995 was the closest to me in age and spirit, and understood me the most. I thank God for the time I had with them and the wonderful memories I have now that keep them alive in my heart!


Happy Birthday Tonya! R.I.P

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