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Who Gives Direction to YOU…Driver?

We never really know what the roads of our life will include or how the weather conditions will impact us getting to our destinations. But we must be confident in our ability to stay on course.

Amazing things are on the horizon of your life and God really wants to get the vehicle of your next chapter moving in the right direction! You are the driver, but GOD has the map. Are you willing to follow HIS directions with passengers he says should be in your vehicle? Are you driving where other folk want you to go? Are you picking up hitchhikers and being exposed to danger, or are you allowing GOD to help direct who rides with you?

As a leader, you must be diligent in moving in the right direction with people that should be in your car (on your team). More important than that, is knowing where you are going, so you don't drive blind.
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Allow Your Inner Fire To Burn

I took this photo at a charity event. As I was looking through my photos, what came to mind with this one was this:

There is ALWAYS a reason to allow the flame from your life's candle to burn, even when situations may seem like you can't keep the flame lit. A tiny flicker of light beats nothing at all and soon enough, it will be a ROARING fire that the world will notice! #IgniteYourFlameNOW #Inspiration #DrDawj

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