Challenge Yourself To Get Unstuck!

How many times have you heard someone say or you said, "I am going to do better," only to do the same thing or something worse?

There comes a point where we have to realize our own actions or lack thereof, are really what is the cause of us being stuck and unproductive. We must begin to challenge ourselves to think differently and then do differently, so that we can get "unstuck" and improve our lives.

Will you challenge yourself to get "unstuck"?

* You have to start with your mindset and how you SEE yourself and that situation.

* You then CREATE a plan to get "unstuck".

* The final piece is to ACT by implementing your plan.

Once you have taken action, you can certainly inspire others with your walk and how you have changed. It must begin with YOU.

Are you ready?

#DrDawj #Empowerment #Leadership

Allow Your Inner Fire To Burn

I took this photo at a charity event. As I was looking through my photos, what came to mind with this one was this:

There is ALWAYS a reason to allow the flame from your life's candle to burn, even when situations may seem like you can't keep the flame lit. A tiny flicker of light beats nothing at all and soon enough, it will be a ROARING fire that the world will notice! #IgniteYourFlameNOW #Inspiration #DrDawj

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