Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee

photo credit: Dawgelene

photo credit: Dawgelene


Have you ever awakened some days and you just knew things were different and out of place? You couldn’t put a specific finger on what it was, but your spirit was disturbed and there was an unsettling in your mind. As a matter of fact, you probably didn’t get much sleep the night before because your mind and spirit could not rest.


I’ve had those days recently. Probably more within the past 2 years in the loss of my husband and sister, than I can recall from times past. But I remember what my grandma and mother used to say when those days would come,


“Father I stretch my hands to thee, no other help I know

If thou withdraw thyself from me, where shall I go?”


The snipped above is from a gospel hymnal, Father I stretch my hands to thee, written by Charles Wesley in 1741.  They never sang the whole song, but would just repeat the snippet above in prayer and crying out to God on many occasions. I never really understood until I was faced with days where I had nowhere to go and no one to turn to except God. It was on those days of abandonment that God brought to my remembrance seeing my mother and grandma on their knees praying to God with outstretched arms and fervency.


When I took the picture I used for this blog at a prayer breakfast, I didn’t realize at that time, that it would bring to my remembrance a time when prayer, faith and trust in God were the only things that got my family through difficult times.


What I know is that when we are in need of an encouraging word, a sincere hug and a gentle voice of support, we only need to look up, stretch out our hands and open our hearts to receive and hear what God is speaking to us.


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A Ray of Hope on the GMC Denali Dream Drive


I took the above photo while traveling on the Denali Dream Drive to visit the HGTV Dream Home last December. During the trip, I was feeling some kind of way about going into my second holiday season as a widow. I needed some time and space to think. The trip opportunity came at the perfect time for me, from my friends over at General Motors (GM). I remember stepping outside of the HGTV dream home and looking over the beautiful land that surrounded us. I glanced at the tall and beautiful trees, homes, water and mountains; along with the beautiful GMC trucks made that moment so beautiful and memorable.


Photo Credit: Dawgelene Sangster

Photo Credit: Dawgelene Sangster

While standing there, I began to think about my life; my purpose and how the past 2 years had felt like I was in land unreal, yet I was enduring because God had given me hope, even in the midst of what I had gone through. At that moment, I looked up into the sky and in the midst of the trees, I saw the most beautiful spot of sunlight shining through. It was so bright that I could hardly look at it directly. Within that moment, God spoke to my heart and said, "I am your ray of hope'! It was a powerful moment of release and relief to experience and I will never forget it. What has been your "Ray of Hope" during challenging times? Let me know by sharing it here, and then share this blog with someone you know that may need a "Ray of Hope" to get them through the day.


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