Learning to Control Your Personal Brand



Being a professor, I am always looking for ways to help my graduate students prepare for enhancing their careers, making career changes or embarking on new business ventures. I saw a video recently by Dorie Clark that provided great tips on personal branding. Having worked at a management consulting firm for many years and loving my consulting friends, I was naturally drawn to Dorie Clark.


photo by Alastair Fyfe

What makes her different for me is that many consultants do so much behind the scenes that it isn't as often to see them branch off and write books to share knowledge with the world. Not that they don't share their knowledge, but Dorie has taken it a step further to ensure she is helping others on a mass level reach success (get access to Dorie's 400+ free articles here). I enjoyed a short video she did on tips to help others control their brand. Check out her six tips, sign up for her newsletter and see how she can help you with your brand development and growth.


The original video can be found on Harvard Business Review here. 
Follow Dorie on Twitter and get her book Reinventing You here.






Why is there a need to sometimes try and dim the light of others so that you can shine?


With all of the glorious and beautiful opportunities for you to be your very best, it is better to focus your energy on being your best so that you will excel further and shine brighter. Are you ready? #LightMatters


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