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Idea Creator. Lifestyle Reinvention Strategist. Consultant. Speaker. Author.

There is life worth living beyond the pain, disappointment, rejection and failures. There are things that matter and they begin with YOU,” notes Dawgelene. As a world-renowned and sought after Life & Business Strategist, Lifestyle Vlogger/Journalist, Author, Speaker and Authenticity expert, Dawgelene’s story is one worth telling and reading.  Having survived sexual & physical abuse, homelessness, being a teen mom, being broke, divorced, struggling and spinning in circles, she is a real example of a survivor and over-comer.

After a wake-up call in her last abusive relationship 20 years ago, she took action, signed up for college and that began her journey to Authenticity. “If we never discover the real value in us; our worth, we will continue to be devalued and lose all sense of self,” notes Dawgelene. It took her 8 years to do it, but she obtained her undergraduate degree, while working full-time, taking care of her children and then meeting the love of her life. She then went from being broke to making six figures running a global Information Technology department in a major consulting firm, a corner office, a masters degree, oak desk, lake view; leading a global team and being on top of the world. She had also authored 3 books, became a celebrity life-style journalist on business and women’s empowerment, produced and hosted an internet radio show on empowerment, and started a non-profit to help women overcome life challenges! Life was good!

Life will happen and when it does, we sure as hell better be ready to embrace it and continue to live,” notes Dawgelene. In 2009, a shift took place: first with the death of her half-brother from a brain aneurism, her “down-sizing” from her 10-year senior management job and losing her six-figure salary in 2010, her struggling to lose 70 pounds of weight she had gained, she was trying to complete doctoral studies, she was experiencing problems in her marriage and on the brink of separation, then her husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2011; the celebrity group she was blogging with began to have issues and disband, she embraced that her life partner of 15 years was going to die after falling in love with him again; her sister died in June of 2012; her son was sent to Afghanistan mid July of 2012 and her husband succumbed to cancer July 21, 2012. Dawgelene was devastated and numb. “I believed God had something specific from all of this to change the world, but I was trying to understand why he chose ME; but then again, why not ME,” notes Dawgelene.

Now, Dawgelene is down 60 pounds and is traveling the world speaking and working with clients on living Authentic lives through effective leadership development, empowerment, education and individual/ social self-efficacy. She pens empowerment articles and words of inspiration to uplift and feed the soul. She works with universities designing and teaching business psychology courses to graduate students and is “continuing to live” by moving beyond recent pain, to further the purpose of educating and uplifting the masses. Dawgelene says, “My husband was a man of powerful words. Some of his final words to me were (Life isn’t a do over, it is a do differently. You now have a chance to do some things differently and get IT right, what ever IT is. You have a chance; you are forced to take IT so make the best of IT- James E. Sangster 1950- 2012). So I am getting IT right and making a positive impact on the world with IT daily”.

After all I’ve been through, I am a living witness that you can move beyond pain and embrace your purpose to excel. I am YOUR “Doctor of Motivation,” notes Dawgelene.


Dawgelene is a Chicago girl with a global heart for developing businesses and brands through effective leadership development, employee self-efficacy and company growth. Dawgelene’s clients value her for her amazing results, authentic personality and leading through the rough.


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