About Dawj

                         Entrepreneur. Business & Social Psychologist. Inspirational Geek.

 “If we never discover the real value in us; our calling; our businesses; our true worth, we will continue to allow ourselves to be devalued and never tap into our full potential to live an abundant life.” Dawgelene

It took me 8 years to do it, but I obtained my undergraduate degree, while working full-time, taking care of my children and then meeting the love of my life. I went from being homeless and broke to making six figures running a global Information Technology Support department in a major consulting firm, obtaining my masters degree, authoring 3 books, becoming a celebrity life-style journalist on business and women’s empowerment, producing and hosting an internet radio show, becoming a Doctoral candidate and starting a non-profit!

My life was amazing!

Life will happen and when it does, we sure as hell better be ready to embrace it and continue to live” - Dawgelene

In 2009, a shift took place: I lost my half-brother to a brain aneurism, my 6-figure senior IT management job the following year and I was struggling hard to lose the then 70 pounds of weight I had gained. To add to the challenges, I was working on my dissertation and experiencing problems in my marriage but couldn't figure it all out. The final blow came when my husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2011 and given a few months to live.


I was numb but reshifted everything to become a caregiver for my husband to help him live out his final months. During that same time my son was sent to boot camp and stationed overseas, my sister died unexpectedly in June of 2012 from an illness; my son was sent to Afghanistan mid July of 2012 and my husband succumbed to cancer July 21, 2012. My life had turned upside-down. I've also lost senior pets, had loved ones dealing with suicide, almost became homeless again, had major financial challenges and aging parents with dementia. Life has continued to happen but I continue to push through. Why?

I believed God had something specific from this life lesson that I could use to positively change the way people view life and the world, but I was trying to understand why he chose ME; but then again, why not ME,”.


It's been one of the most amazing reinventions of my life. I've lost 73 pounds, I'm a dynamic entrepreneurial force that works with clients virtually on living Authentic lives through effective leadership development, daily inspiration, emotional wellness, self-reflective healing, fitness motivation, artistic expressions, education and social change.


2015 grand daughter Alana

As a business and social psychology professor, I get to work with universities designing and teaching online business psychology courses to amazing graduate students from all over the world. I am “continuing to live” by moving beyond past pain to further the purpose of educating and being an inspiration to the masses.


Running in zero weather for a great cause


My husband was a man of powerful words. Some of his final words to me were (Life isn’t a do over, it is a do differently. You now have a chance to do some things differently and get IT right, what ever IT is. You have a chance; you are forced to take IT so make the best of IT- James E. Sangster 1950- 2012). So I am getting IT right and making a positive impact on the world with IT daily by living a REINVENTED life”.

I reside in Chicago but my mission is global for helping individuals, businesses and brands REINVENT themselves through my media initiatives. I never forget the fur babies either.


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