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This page provides links to some healing and wellness resources related to cancer, dementia, widows, suicide prevention, general grief, pet grief and learning to heal.

In 2012, I lost my sister to MS in June, my son was deployed to Afghanistan July 14 and my husband died from brain cancer July 21st. In between I had several senior pets that died and have lost pets since that time, in addition to dealing with aging parents with dementia. Life happens and there is help. How can I help you heal in your journey of life?

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About GBM (Glioblastoma Multiforme) brain cancer


Brain Cancer Symptoms

Some potential brain cancer symptoms include:

  • Headaches: Having a headache could be related to many causes. A noticeable change in the frequency and intensity of headaches may indicate a brain tumor.
  • Vision changes: A tumor on or near the optical nerve could cause blurred or double vision. Other types of brain tumors may cause abnormal eye movements or changes in vision, depending on the size and location of the tumor.
  • Loss of motor skill: A brain tumor can affect certain areas of the brain responsible for motor functions, like balance, coordination or movement. Weakness of facial muscles may result from a tumor within the cranial nerves.
  • Nausea and/or vomiting: These symptoms, especially early in the morning and unrelated to other conditions, may indicate a brain tumor.
  • Seizures: The onset of new seizures or convulsions can be the result of a tumor forming in the brain.
  • Speech problems: Some brain tumors can cause difficulty with speech.
  • Cognitive problems: A brain tumor can impact cognitive abilities and result in memory problems, poor concentration, confusion, difficulty thinking clearly or processing information, and language difficulties.
  • Weakness or numbness: Some brain tumors cause weakness on one side of the body or other paraneoplastic syndromes, like peripheral neuropathy (numbness or tingling in the hands and feet).

(source: cancer treatment centers of America)




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- This website provides assistance for those dealing with thought of suicide our if you need tips to help someone that may be dealing with this area. 








- This website helps in understanding the loss of pets and the connection with our furry friends. 



- This website is the official Alzheimer's Association and has tons of information about Dementia and Alzheimer's.