HOLY WEEK…Journey Reflection

This is officially "Holy Week," a time where Christians, Jews and those that observe the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ celebrate, fast and reconnect. Yesterday marked the beginning of "Holy Week" with the celebration of "Palm Sunday".  This week, we reflect on the life of Jesus and how he was praised in one breath, but in the same breath by the same people, he was condemned and recommended to be crucified! It certainly puts our lives in perspective and how oftentimes the same people that praise us one moment, will in an instant ask for us to be crucified.

It is a time where I reflect more on all of the sacrifices that Jesus made and consider what sacrifices I am making to live a more purposeful life. Not just on my own accord, but the way God designed me to live it. I try to think of the pain that Jesus had to endure on His way to the cross, and then consider what my endurance level for pain is at this time.

As I thought about it this year, my pain has been massive with the journey of my spouses Glioblastoma Brain Cancer. I never imagined losing a spouse in this aspect and certainly not him. We all go through issues and complain about our relationships, but we don't think about death as a way to resolve those issues. We are 6 months into the journey, a point where statistically they didn't think he would make, but we continue to press forward. So I think about our journey and the journey Jesus had on His way to the cross, and find understanding and compassion for my spouse and what HE is going through.

It is important that on this week, as well as beyond, that you take time to reflect on where you are on YOUR road to your cross. Take time to pray for radical God- inspired change in our lives and the lives of those throughout the world, as well as healing, endurance and patience.

Have A Be Blessed Week!!!

Dawgelene "Dr Dawj" Sangster

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