A Fallen KING

This page is dedicated to the memory of my late husband and best friend, James Sangster. My prayer is that from the sharing of our story, marriage life and experiences, others will be encouraged in their marriages, the handling of grief, healing and care giving.


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I lost my dear hubby July 21, 2012, after a 10 month battle with Glioblastoma (GBM) brain cancer. By the time we found out he had it, we didn't have much time remaining to share. Its been over a year after his death and things still seem kind of surreal some days, but I press forward. I cannot explain the pain of this loss, especially since my sister died less than a month before he did. I can only explain it as the feeling of one-half of your body going to sleep, being paralyzed or disappearing and you have to get used to life without it.

(This photo was taken 1 day before he died)

We walked as one and were the very best of friends. Sure we had our faults as many marriages experience, and separated a couple of times, but the love that we shared made us see the value in sticking together. His belief was that God had joined us together and it was for life, until death separated us.  I agreed, with some resistance along the way, of course. He was years my senior and we would not have had it any other way because he taught me more about life, marriage and how to be a wife; his wife. We were perfect for each other for that phase of my life, and in the end, I served and took care of him until he gave his last breath.

He was a true soldier and a Vietnam Veteran. He wanted to continue to serve the people when he left the military, so he joined the Chicago Police department. He served faithfully for over 20 years until he retired in February 2011, 1 day after my 40th birthday (happy birthday to me huh?). He adjusted well and we rented a studio where he focused on his passion for photography and I did my passion of helping to empower women and girls in the community. 8 months into his retirement and 5 days into us rededicating ourselves to our marriage and promoting how wonderful the union of marriage can be, he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

That began our 10-month journey to living, loving, losing and winning until death parted us. I continue to press forward serving in the community and living life with a greater purpose to make a positive impact in the lives of others, especially when it comes to promoting the union of marriage and respecting our leaders in marriage. While my true earthly protector has gone to a better resting place, I firmly believe he is an angel watching over me and guiding me until God sends another protector.

I will continue to promote the principles of love and respect that I learned over the time I spent with him. Please connect here and request your FREE ecopy of the book at thinkroyally@gmail.com