People Are Just Too Nosy!


I have learned that oftentimes, people don't know exactly what you go through or have gone through to get to where you are or exactly how you made it through, they just see the outcome. Trust and believe that it isn't always a part of God's plan for people to know exactly what or how you got through something, but for you to just be thankful that YOU MADE IT!

I firmly believe that it is a part of HIS amazing grace and plan for YOUR life that others don't get the "unworthy/selfish" credit for what you made it through. It happened/happens that way for a reason. Don't fight it, deny it or try to change it because in the end...YOU WIN! #BeSteadFast #YouGotThis #Winner

10 Beliefs that will make life happier

Photo by: Dawgelene Sangster

Photo by: Dawgelene Sangster

We sometimes get to a point where we start to doubt our progress, talents, dreams and status in life. We look for validation from others instead of focusing on that internal validation and the peace that only God can provide. As I look over my life, my direction and what matters most to me, I realize that I MATTER! It's not about the fancy cars, big houses, diamonds or even extreme riches, although some of that would be nice. It is more about my sanity, peace of mind, health, inner strength and love for myself, so that I can be a blessing to others. It all starts with me. Every good and bad thing starts with me and my perception of those things, what ever they may be. I decided long ago that you can BELIEVE 10 things that will make life happier for you:

I BELIEVE that I am loved and able to receive love


I BELIEVE I am able to give authentic love


I BELIEVE I am worthy of being loved


I BELIEVE I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it and do the work


I BELIEVE in my progress no matter how small the steps are


I BELIEVE in my dreams and their ability to come to life in doing the work


I BELIEVE that there are angels sent to surround me, protect me, guide me and help me along my journey in life


I BELIEVE that life matters and the lives of others matter as well


I BELIEVE in changing myself first, and then living it so that I can inspire change in others


I BELIEVE I can make a difference and it starts with one person



What do YOU believe? Send me an email, tweet or Facebook message and let me know if you are applying these beliefs to your life daily.

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