TEDx The Power of Naivety by Shawn Thomas

What happens when you release negative things and people and allow your dreams to work for you by working them? Shawn Thomas is a self-made millionaire that worked his dreams and built a company from $0- $20 million. He now focuses on Coaching, Mentoring and being a Philanthropist.

photo from www.shawnthomas.com

photo from www.shawnthomas.com

He has a heart for giving back by educating the world on how to be better, do better and lead better. I have watched his Periscopes, Twitter and Instagram and I have learned a great deal to pass on to my own students and others. I have also found him to be authentic and funny. Check out his TEDx Carson City talk and then visit his website to purchase his new e-book, The Power of Naivete: Embracing the Unknown.

BUSINESS: Network After Work


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