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"Dawj is a strategic influencer in her community and the city of Chicago. People look to her for leadership, wisdom, direction and spiritual insight. She is directed, courageous and passionate. She does not falter in the face of challenges. She is an advocate for women from all walks of life but particularly a strong voice for women who have been marginalized. Her authentic coaching and speaking inspires women to achieve their full potential regardless of their circumstances"- Dana Frost, Owner Capim Santo Alchemy


"Dawgelene is the consummate professional. She's always very responsive, high energy and positive, fun to work with, and an expert in her field. I would seek out Dawgelene for help. She has an innate understanding of personalities that she seamlessly applies to various situations making her effective in many different arenas. I would highly recommend Dawgelene"- Julia Potter, Vice President of Marketing at Energy Audits


"Dawgelene has an excellent combination of people, leadership, organizational development and technical skills. She has done an outstanding job in each critical role she has played. She comes highly recommended as a solid professional in her field"- Drew Jemilo, CEO, Scaled Agile, Inc


"Dawj Sangster is a transformational leader. She is a speaker that comes from the heart and is able to utilize her gifts to connect with others"- Cameka Smith, Founder The BOSS Network 


"Dawgelene remains fully committed to providing the highest level of service and developing employees. She works with incredible composure, under tight deadlines, demanding hours and challenging people"- Jae Kim, Managing Director, PwC


"Dawgelene is an upbeat, thorough, capable professional with a strong commitment to excellence. She has strong attention to detail, great content and wonderful follow-up. She's also fun to work with"- John Sviokla, Leader Global Thought Leadership, Harvard University Professor and Principal PwC Advisory

Bishop TD Jakes

Bishop TD Jakes

"Dr. Dawj is a spitfire of positivity and goodness. She wants nothing but the best for those around her and you can feel that emanate from her core. Her spirit is inspiring and her willingness to share her personal stories as stepping stones for others is heartwarming and motivating. A true gem!" Saya Hillman Aiello, CEO, Mac and Cheese Productions


"Dawj Sangster is a valuable resource in the community with an effective leadership style. Her relevant workshops and coaching guide participants through practical, applicable steps that can be immediately implemented. For anyone, especially women and girls, who desire a step by step approach to life strategies, I'd recommend Dr. Dawj Sangster."- Victoria Knox, Business and Personal Development Coach

"Dawgelene is phenomenal, and incredibly inspirational and motivating. Her consistent, positive attitude reinforces and provides a positive environment which makes for optimum learning. I recommend her without reservation." Margie F.

Summer Jackson and Keke Palmer

Summer Jackson and Keke Palmer

"Dawgelene has a great sense of humor and is always willing to help others. Her classes always get great reviews and turns out to be a positive experience for everyone"- Brittani G., Director of Education and Development


"Dawgelene always has a positive outlook on challenges and is a reliable partner for any business. She is a leader that helps develop creative forums and solutions to identify real issues, thereby improving the management of diversity and driving innovation within organizations. I enthusiastically recommend Dawgelene as a person to have on your team" - Dennis T. Business and Technology Leader

Rene Syler akal Good Enough Mother

Rene Syler aka Good Enough Mother

"I've had the pleasure of working with Dawgelene. Her professionalism, high energy and positive outlook is truly inspiring. I find her acute understanding of people to really lend itself to her work. I would highly recommend her"- Catherine Aragun Munden, Senior Account Manager, Digital


"Dawgelene works with passion and love for what she does. She brings a unique analytical approach to solve complex problems yet understands the importance of listening and taking someone else's perspective to collaboratively solve problems. If starting a business, you need Dawj on your team"- Ryan Daniels, Solutions Architect, Unified Communications CDW