Dawgelene began her speaking career at the young age of 3, reciting poems for many church functions. She would recite from one paragraph to 1-2 pages at a young age, to get the message across to the audience. As she got older, she was on speaking teams, in contests, and voted as the leader of several clubs. She begin to use her life experiences of pain and success to help motivate others to find their purpose and live more productive lives. She worked in numerous volunteer community positions serving and motivating others to enhance their lives through better thinking and living the change. As the daughter of a Pastor, the widow of an Elder and Evangelist, Dawgelene knows all too well how to connect with; have compassion for and serve the people.


Dawgelene has spoken at numerous college seminars, church events, community events and organizations, all as a way to empower individuals to change their thinking and enhance their lives.


Dawgelene has a servant attitude in working with others and can help motivate and empower men and women to acknowledge, access, plan, take action and be accountable for positive change in their lives. But then they must be willing to live the change and inspire others to do the same. Below are some speaking topics readily available, but she can customize to the audience and event type, as appropriate.

Speaking Topics


Leadership Empowerment

  • Legacy Building 101

  • Stepping into Your Power as a Leader

  • The Leader that Could


Personal Empowerment

  • Authentically YOU!

  • Set Your G.O.A.L.S (with a twist)

  • Reinventing You!

  • The Jewel in YOU!

  • Continue to Live (grief recovery workshop)

  • Ditch The Box!

  • THINK ROYALLY (breaking down barriers of mental imprisonment)

Faith Based

  • R.E.J.U.V.E.N.A.T.E (A ministry leadership workshop)

  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T That Man! (for wives and engaged women)

  • You CANNOT Fall (Jude 24)


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