Sit the hell down sometimes!

Photo Credit: Dawgelene Sangster

Photo Credit: Dawgelene Sangster

Life sometimes get us to a place where we need to take a seat and rest away from the "traffic and noises" of life. Many of these "noises" are the very things that get us too distracted from our calling. It's important to take moments to pull away and sit quietly to reflect on your life, your purpose, and what you should be doing next. Know that during this time, people won't always understand why you are taking a seat, when they'll feel you should keep going. Honestly, those are the selfish ones who will prefer for you to keep going for their personal gain, instead of cheering you on in the place where you have been directed to go.

Be encouraged and understand that while you are taking a "designated" seat, God is moving in your life to develop more peace, patience, faith, talent and an overall plan of action for your life. Have you been instructed to take a seat to further your calling? Let me know.

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