Why Music Helps You Overcome Pain

We often meet people that inspire us with their stories of hope and survival. Sometimes we can connect with them because of our past experiences but other times we walk their journey through their eyes, in hopes of understanding why they live their lives to inspire others. I met a musician, Michael Harper, who goes by the name Baritone. Michael is a musician that focuses on jazz, house and a little bit of soul for his international audience. Michael and I connected initially because we attended a charity event, but we quickly found that our stories of hope and survival were very similar. Michael and I chatted about his life and why he chooses to be a voice for those that cannot speak for themselves or are afraid to speak.


What I found out about Michael was this:


  • He had a painful childhood of living in silence when he had so much to offer the world.
  • His father was the cause of most of that pain because he told him he was nothing and would not become anything.
  • He lost close family members within the span of two years and also went blind at one point in his career
  • His mom suffered from stage 4 cancer and suffered at the hands of his father and cancer
  • He made the choice NOT listen to the negative words from his father and instead, chose to live a more purposeful life
  • He now spends his time blessing others with his music and being a voice for womens’ organizations that serve women in need


Michael is an amazing musical talent who has survived pain to live a purposeful life and empower others to embrace change and live more empowered lives. Michael’s music can be found at http://www.baritoneonline.us/ The interview with Michael was captured a bit on video so please check it out below.

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