Chicago Police Department

PHOTOS: Chicago’s Run to Remember the Fallen!


As the widow of a retired Chicago Police, my goal is to ensure his legacy and love for serving others lives on through the work that I do. I do photography for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation and enjoy covering their events. This year was bittersweet because I am moving into the 2nd year of his death, and the wound is still there with much healing, but I know he would want me to move forward and be the change I wish to see in the world. When I received the request to photograph the event, it took a couple of days for me to process and think about what my response would be. I decided to do it for him and for me. For him because he would be out taking photography and supporting his colleagues, but for me because I needed to be in the presence of his colleagues and feel a certain sense of safety that's been missing since his death.



The event was great and was well worth my time. I got to see some of his friends AND support a great cause that he was so passionate about. Check out the pictures and let me know if you see anyone you recognize! Catch me on twitter to continue the conversation @dawgelene

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