Have You Switched Paths?



by Dawgelene "Dr Dawj" Sangster- With a new year well underway, many have set new goals, changed paths and are excited about doing something different. What is forgotten sometimes is that when new goals are set, paths are changed and something new is done, individuals are giving up the old thoughts, things and oftentimes people that were held dear to them, in order to move forward. It is so important to note that everyone won't  understand your new path, mission, purpose and overall direction God has sent you in, but then again, He didn't instruct them nor is He guiding them.


While the pain of losing those you thought had your back or supported you could be great, along with the potential fear you may have in stepping into the unknown, the joy of trusting God and seeing His purpose for your life come into view, will begin to heal the wounds of loss over time.

Remember to:

  1. Remain committed to your purpose

  2. Stay on the Path designated for YOU

  3. Cast all of your cares on God allowing Him to take on the everyday burdens so you don't have to

  4. Stop beating yourself up because of setbacks


The road isn't easy, but you have the right tools of faith, courage, peace, commitment, strength, prayer, hope, forgiveness and protection to guide you along the way.

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Learning to Let Go and Let God

Most of us have heard people use the phrase “let go and let God.” This is fine and wonderful if you can just do it. More importantly, it works even better if we can acknowledge that we are holding on to something or someone that keeps that distance between God and us.  Why do we oftentimes allow that distance when God is clearly trying to close the gap? There are times when we clearly see the “writing on the wall” or feel such a strong conviction as we continue along a certain path; yet we wash the writing off the wall or continue walking along the darkening path knowing the destruction that lies ahead.

When you have been given orders and specific instructions in the army of God, as a good soldier, you are to obey the orders and complete the mission. We frequently choose to go AWOL (absent without leave) or become rogue just to do our “own thang”. I want you to consider the mission you have been given as the soldier in God’s army. He wants you to “Let Go and Let Him” direct your path, bring your vision to life, provide the resources you need, connections you need, strength you need, peace you need and joy you need to do it.

Be Blessed!



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