Godzilla’s Roar!


I took some family time this week and went to the screening of Godzilla with my teenage niece Rachel. I had not spent time with her in a while and she is just growing up so fast. We ate, laughed, joked and she even spit some of the "dopest" (not sure if that's a word for me but) poetry I have ever heard. I knew she was always beautiful, but I had no idea she was that talented. Anyway, we took some "us" time to watch one of my favorite childhood movies...Godzilla!


It was a few parts that startled me but overall, the movie was well worth the time spent with my niece. She even enjoyed the movie and we discussed various scenes. So, for those die-hard Godzilla fans, go see the movie and take a teen with you. If nothing else, its a great conversation starter and you might just enjoy the awesome 3D effects in the movie.


Royal Rating: 4 Tiaras

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