Tony Robbins

It’s NOT Your Battle To Fight!

"Just because you are equipped for a battle does not mean you should be fighting any battle"-Dawgelene "Dr Dawj" Sangster

Every battle is not yours to fight or to try and win. We often get "stuck" fighting battles, wars and fights that others started and have nothing to do with us; yet we are caught defending things that make no logical sense. How many times have you been caught fighting senseless battles that were outside of your purpose? Take a stand to sit down sometimes, be still and wait on the battle you were really prepared to fight!

#DrDawj #KnowYourPurpose

Allow Your Inner Fire To Burn

I took this photo at a charity event. As I was looking through my photos, what came to mind with this one was this:

There is ALWAYS a reason to allow the flame from your life's candle to burn, even when situations may seem like you can't keep the flame lit. A tiny flicker of light beats nothing at all and soon enough, it will be a ROARING fire that the world will notice! #IgniteYourFlameNOW #Inspiration #DrDawj

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