Virtual Life and Second Life: A Mom’s Review

What would you do if you had the opportunity to change the way you look or your location at the click of a button? What if you could target a specific audience and cater your presentation and present to that audience, without actually being there. If you could recruit potential candidates for jobs and conduct level 1 recruiting, would you welcome that opportunity and find it productive for you or your organization? Or would there be no value in this type of communication?

When I think of Second Life virtual software, I think of a virtual world where I live and have quite a bit of control over what happens in my life. I can change the way I look, how I communicate, where I communicate from and target specific audiences at the click of a button. I can create teams; meet with people, purchase land, real estate and network all without leaving my desk. My initial thoughts were that it was cool, informative and interesting but I wanted to know more, so I created an online identity for myself. How could I resist delving more into this virtual world with all of this potential?

Well, I worked to become more familiar with the Second Life virtual world and during that time I kept thinking how eerie it was to have virtual conversations with other members from across the globe and live in my own little virtual life. Then I thought, I am all over Twitter and connecting with people, so it isn't much different aside from the avatars. Well, that was a couple of years ago. Now,the software has grown by leaps and bounds, has a monthly magazine for its users, blogs, markets, developers options and destinations. Wow! I did NOT become a Second Life pro at the time, but enjoyed the kudos I received from my son on being a cool virtual-life mom! Now, I may have to play in that world again.

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